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Clergy Deaths reported between October 11 - November 10, 2019

Mark W. Andes, 11/11/2019
Dora L. Atlas, 10/14/2019
Evelyn J. Aurand, 07/23/2019
Margaret M. Baillie, 09/27/2019
Edward P. Beck, 10/16/2019
Mary Alice Butkofsky, 10/20/2019
Norman A. Conklin, 10/15/2019
Charlene E. Dale, 09/12/2019
Gail F. Day, 09/21/2019
Betty L. Derby, 10/01/2019
Jerry A. Flueckiger, 10/06/2019
H. Daehler Hayes, 09/27/2019
Hugo J. Hollerorth, 09/22/2019
Mary L. Howson, 10/13/2019
David Jordan-Haas, 07/18/2019
Mediador V. Jumawan, 09/22/2019
Aileen Myers, 10/11/2019
John A. Noonan, Jr., 10/12/2019
Ruth Lorraine Penn, 10/15/2019
Gary A. Reed, 10/13/2019
H. D. Stille, 10/01/2019
Helen D. Thomas, 10/10/2019
James C. Thompson, 09/30/2019
Joseph W. Venable, 09/24/2019
George J. Waggoner, 10/09/2019
Bruce S. Walthour, 10/07/2019
Dana R. Welch, 10/24/2019
Ricardo J. Wilberg, 10/10/2019
Norma L. Wulff, 10/05/2019
Philip A. Yeager, 09/28/2019
Lowell E. Zechiel, 10/14/2019

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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