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Clergy Deaths reported between May 11 - June 10, 2020

Ruby Bechtold, 05/05/2020
Marietta Bowlby, 04/28/2020
Grace Capstick, 04/11/2020
Chong Ling Wong, 03/11/2020
James A. Farmer, 05/04/2020
Walter A. Kargus, 05/06/2020
William A. Zeckhausen, 03/31/2020
Douglas B. Bailey, 05/05/2020
Jack E. Biersdorf, 04/21/2020
Chester E. Chaney, 05/29/2020
Carroll E. Kann, 05/26/2020
Allen F. Tinkham, 04/23/2020
Clifton G. Davis, 05/01/2020
Robert H. Sargent, 05/14/2020
George H. Yoder, 06/01/2020
Marshall J. Riu Jr., 05/06/2020
George J. Miller, 05/03/2020
Holly J. Reid, 04/24/2020
Howard L. Gunter, 04/28/2020
Maurice M. Hough, 05/08/2020
Guillermo N. Bergado, 03/03/2020
Terry N. Smith, 05/29/2020
Sewell S. Hayes, 05/08/2020
Gerald T. Stone, 04/29/2020
Henry V. Harman, 04/19/2020
Loretta W. Roberts, 05/07/2020
George W. Varns, 05/01/2020
Harold Y. Symons, 04/06/2020
W. Norman Mac Farlane, 05/05/2020

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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