United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths reported between March 11 - April 10, 2020

KATHRYN E. PARKS, 11/15/2019
JAMES T. RUBRIGHT, 02/15/2020
ROBERT C. SMITH, 02/22/2020
JOHN O. GRADWOHL, 02/23/2020
RODERICK A. COFFEE, 02/26/2020
ROBERT E. LORING, 02/29/2020
FRANK A. JOHNSON, 03/04/2020
MARVIN R. BEINEMA, 03/08/2020
GERVAS W. MEINZER, 03/10/2020
EDWARD A. HAWLEY, 03/11/2020
JOHN D. SCHULE, 03/12/2020
RODERIC D. LAWALL, 03/16/2020
LILLIAN BACKER, 03/17/2020
WALLACE M. ROBESON, 03/21/2020
WILLIAM J. MYERS, 03/22/2020
C. RAYMOND FOWLER, 03/25/2020

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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