United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths reported between June 11 - July 10, 2020

Edward G. Spradling, 01/02/2019
Gregory Errgong-Weider, 04/06/2020
Charles C. Close, 04/23/2020
Roscoe Winthrop Nelson, 05/15/2020
David W. Grant, 05/23/2020
Frederick C. Stroebel, 05/27/2020
Robert A. Richardson, 05/28/2020
Philip N. Nelson, 05/30/2020
Lisle J. Koch, 06/01/2020
Raymond W. Lord, 06/02/2020
Francis E. Turpin, 06/09/2020
Marquis J. Workman, 06/09/2020
Horace S. Allen Jr., 06/09/2020
Wayne E. Sova, 06/10/2020
John E. Nutting, 06/10/2020
Edward Morrison, 06/10/2020
E. John Schaller, 06/12/2020
Irene C. Stock, 06/13/2020
Bradford N. Pusey, 06/13/2020
Carolyn Kohlhofer, 06/13/2020
James S. Harbour, 06/14/2020
Ronald E. Wallen, 06/16/2020
Harlan F. Beckemeyer, 06/20/2020
Ralph C. Quellhorst, 06/23/2020
Mary Jane Carvell, 06/27/2020
Roger I. Perks, 06/28/2020

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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