United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths for November 2017

Graham, Larry K., 10/19/2017
Chan, Isaac L., 10/5/2017
Holland, Ralph T., 11/1/2017
Bizer, Waldermar A., 11/6/2017
Kraemer, Leonard, 11/7/2017
Penney, Hugh B., 11/12/2017
Kautz, Amanda, 11/13/2017
Christensen, Michael O., 10/23/2017
Marks, Earl, 11/15/2017
Burwell, Wesley E., 11/20/2017
Ahrendt, Robert C., 11/20/2017
Austin, Lloyd, 11/20/2017
Wagner, Jonathon J., 10/6/2017
Pasoquen, Cipriano V., 11/29/2017

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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