United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths for November 2016

Hackman, Heide R., 10/14/2016
Boston, James R., 10/18/2016
Westerberg, Donald H., 11/1/2016
Kimball, William R., 6/3/2009
Uthlaut, Laura S., 11/3/2016
Schatz, Raymond, 10/30/2016
Miller, Gary, 10/23/2016
Bascom, Eric W., 10/16/2016
Randen, Larry C ., 11/4/2016
Archibald, Helen A., 3/10/2014
Buffett, Roger, 5/8/16
Neevel, Mary A., 1012/2016
Stoll, Donald L., 10/19/16
Goebel, G. Dean, 10/28/16
Miller, Mary Alice, 11/11/16
Singer, Robert B. L., 11/25/16

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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