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Clergy Deaths May 2016

Fordham, Virginia, 8/24/2015
Heffner, Leonard K, 3/5/2016
Melter, James C.F., 3/18/2016
Anderson, J William, 3/30/2016
Von Gruenigen, Arthur A, 4/4/2016
Hempel, Edward King, 3/30/2016
Lorraine Kluge, 4/10/2016
Albert, Douglas S, 3/25/2016
Souder,Howard R, 4/8/2016
Schantz, Edward T, 4/16/2016
Myers, James L, 4/12/2016
Gruber, Linda S, 4/13/2016
Filler, John E, 4/21/2016
Konrad, James H, 4/25/2016
Nace,Theodore K, 4/23/2016
Hood, Nicholas, 4/10/2016
Haney, Shirley J, 4/27/2016
Young, LLoyd D, 4/7/2016
Pocker, Marion D, 5/4/2016
Charles W. Waddle, 4/29/2016
Krick, Ronald, 4/28/2016
Smith, Norma C, 5/5/2016
Blackman, Edward, 4/20/2016
Townsend, John W, 1/30/2016
Holladay,William L, 5/6/2016
Krebs, Orville R, 1/6/2016
Hutchens, Mary E, 5/14/2016
Griesy, Paul Y, 5/5/2016
McMearn,James H, 5/31/2016
Andrews, Hampton, 1/31/2016

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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