United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths for June 2017

Ebersole, Jay E., 5/31/2017
Hoefer, Elver H., 5/9/2017
Chang, Wendell, 5/11/2017
Varga, Paul V., 5/15/2017
Bach, George R., 5/29/2017
Ramstad, Philip J., 5/12/2017
Cassidy, Don R., 1/18/2017
Brueggemann, Edward D., 5/26/2017
Weaver Sr., Stephen V., 6/13/2017
Merriman, Willis J., 3/23/2017
Graham, Franklikn D., 2/19/2017
Ryan, Greogory S., 5/31/2017
Neideigh, Roy M., 6/26/2017
Ports, M. S. Jan, 6/15/2017
Evans, Thomas H., 6/23/2017
Thoma, Robert L., 5/27/2017
Miller, Anthony B., 6/22/2017
Hazen, James H., 6/26/2017

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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