United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths January 2016

Dubie, Norman E., 12/16/2015
Smith, Philip A., 12/23/2015
Wilbur, Raymond, 12/30/2015
Maxfield, Otix A., 12/29/2015
Opperman, Robert H., 12/29/2015
Lutz, Anna D., 1/9/2016
Rawlings, William A., 12/21/2015
McLaughlin, Delbert T., 2/15/2015
Pautz, Zane, 1/13/2015
Lingswiler, Robert D., 1/12/2016
Harting, Robert F., 1/16/2016
Bergey, Doris L., 1/17/2016
Lawritson, Jerry D., 1/24/2016
Mullendore, Charles V., 1/5/2016
Myers, Dewitt L., 1/19/2016
Byers, John M., 1/17/2016

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards. 

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