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Clergy Deaths February 2016

Dech, Merle, 1/27/2016
Ham, Chester R., 1/10/2016
Ohlinger, Kenneth A., 1/15/2016
Lammers, Richard L., 2/2/2016
Rohlfing, David, 2/5/2016
Harvey, Charles E., 1/27/2015
Gardiner, Robert W., 2/6/2016
Recio, Martin A., 1/31/2016
Haas, Dennis W., 1/18/2016
Pauley, Ronald K., 1/20/2016
Mosley, Ronald A., 1/28/2016
Shamburg, William, 2/14/2016
Widman, Harry, 2/13/2016
Moberg, Dean R., 2/15/2016
Petersen, Richard M., 10/6/2015
Harder, Richard, 11/00/2014
Walsh, Albert, 2/15/2016
Downing, Kendall, 6/12/2012
Grant, Gordon, 2/16/2016
Heidt, John A., 2/22/2016
Sperberg, Lester W., 2/23/2016
Hadley, Lynda J., 2/24/2016

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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