United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths for August 2017

Schler, George, 8/7/2017
Sterrett, Marguerite N., 8/6/2017
Faberburg, Dewey F., 7/14/2017
Davis, Gary, 8/7/2017
Anderson, Peter A., 8/9/2017
Dobson, Robert F., 8/11/2017
Taylor, Joseph E., 8/2/2017
Amiri, Jerry M., 8/10/2017
Fitzgerald, Charles A., 7/31/2017
Mccain, Alan Richie, 8/22/2017
Atwood-Lyon, Frederick W., 8/27/2017
Slater, David L., 8/21/2017
Higgins, Thomas S., 8/11/2017
Oleary, Leila N., 8/7/2017
Bertalan, Imre A., 8/29/2017
Wightman, John G., 8/24/2017

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.


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