Ministerial Updates for January 2022

Ministerial changes reported in the Data Hub—the UCC’s information system for ministers and churches—for new positions/calls entered into the system in January 2022.

CC: Congregational Christian
CM: Commissioned Minister
DS: Dual Standing
LM: Licensed Minister
LMS: Lay Ministerial Standing
MID: Member in Discernment
MS: Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing
OM: Ordained Minister
POC: Privilege of Call
U: Unknown/No UCC Standing
P: Pastor
SP: Senior Pastor
DT: Designated-Term Pastor
CP: Co-pastor
AP: Associate or Assistant Pastor
IN: Interim Pastor
SU: Supply Pastor
Y: Youth Ministry
OL: Other local church position
MM: Minister of Music
CE: Director of Christian Education

OM, John Allen, SP, First Parish UCC, Brunswick, ME
OM, Elizabeth Baer, P, Immanuel UCC, Mount Vernon, IN
OM, M. Baldwin, IN, United Congregational UCC, Holyoke, MA
OM, Kevin Bechtold, AP, Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, Seattle, WA
OM, Ralph Brown, P, Congregational Church of Birmingham UCC, Bloomfield Hills, MI
OM, Stephen Carnahan, DT, First Congregational UCC, Gray, ME
OM, Cheryl Caronna, P, First Congregational Church of Canterbury, UCC, Canterbury, CT
OM, John Chaplin, IN, St Paul’s United Church of Christ, Madrid, IA
OM, Earl Crecelius, P, Saint Peter’s UCC, Lenzburg, IL
OM, Nathan Dannison, IN, Saint John’s UCC, Grand Rapids, MI
OM, Wayne Earl, IN, The Second Church in Newton UCC, Newton, MA
U, Wesley Ellis, SP, First Congregational of Ramona UCC, Ramona, CA
U, Caryne Eskridge, P, Weybridge Congregational UCC, Weybridge, VT
LMS, David Fehr, P, Saint Peter’s UCC, Pine Grove, PA
OM, David Felton, IN, First Congregational of Hancock, UCC, Hancock, NH
U, Joy Fenton-Jones, IN, First Christian Church, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
OM, Jamel Flagg, P, Emmanuel Congregational UCC Watertown, Watertown, NY
OM, Shawn Garan, SP, United Church of Christ, Southbury, Southbury, CT
U, Julia Gaughan, SU, Peace United Church of Christ, Alma, KS
OM, Lindsey Hammond, AP, First Congregational Church, Evanston, IL
OM, Darrin Harvey, DT, United Church of Christ, Sycamore, OH
OM, Sarah Horton-Campbell, P, Pilgrim UCC, Durham, NC
OM, Scott Hutchinson, DT, Gulph United Church of Christ, Gulph Mills, PA
U, Rebecca Josephson, P, Canterbury United Community Church, Canterbury, NH
OM, Julie Kies, P, First Congregational UCC, Dupo, IL
OM, Deborah Kunkel, P, Hope United Church of Christ, Cochrane, WI
OM, Deborah Kunkel, P, Saint John’s UCC, Fountain City, WI
OM, Jeremias Lagahit, P, Los Angeles Filipino American UCC, Los Angeles, CA
U, Jeffrey Lavalette, P, Faith Community UCC, Maumee, OH
OM, Gary Leath, SP, Hanks Chapel UCC, Pittsboro, NC
OM, Chuck Maney, IN, Community UCC, Morton, IL
OM, Estelle Margarones, IN, First Congregational UCC, South Portland, ME
U, Mark McDaniel, IN, Evangelical UCC, Tell City, IN
OM, Bethany Meier, P, First Christian Church in Las Cruces, Las Cruces, NM
MS, William Meyer, IN, First United Church of Christ, Galion, OH
OM, Patrick Morris, IN, Saint Luke’s UCC, Trappe, PA
U, William Morris, DT, First Congregational UCC, Onekama, MI
OM, Steven Myren, P, Saint John’s UCC, Richlandtown, PA
OM, John Nelson, P, Congregational Church of Salisbury UCC, Salisbury, CT
U, Amara Oden, P, Suquamish United Church of Christ Congregational, Suquamish, WA
U, Heather Ohaneson, SU, Armenian Martyrs’ Congl Church of Philadelphia, Havertown, PA
OM, Linda Perry, SP, First Congregational UCC, Durham, NC
U, George Reed, IN, St. John’s UCC, Germantown, OH
OM, Dale Sattizahn, P, Saint Luke’s UCC, Nazareth, PA
U, Todd Sawyer, P, Union Evangelical UCC, Hopedale, MA
OM, Alecia Schroedel-Deuble, SU, Nashville United Church of Christ, West Milton, OH
OM, James Simpson, P, The Second Congregational Church of Middle Haddam, Middle Haddam, CT
OM, Avery Sledge, P, First United Church of Christ, Springfield, OH
OM, Bonnie Stagg, IN, Congregational-Christian Church, Franklin, NH
OM, Kyle Tade, P, Los Altos UCC, Long Beach, CA
OM, Daniel Tucker, SU, Saint Peter UCC, Dubois, IN
U, Katharine Tyler, P, Tri-Parish Community Church, New Braintree, MA
OM, David Voll, IN, Saint John’s UCC, Holgate, OH
OM, Michael Vollbrecht, AP, Colonial UCC, Prairie Village, KS
OM, Robert Walker, DT, Christ United Church of Christ, Evansville, IN
OM, Shannon Wall, SU, Thompson Congregational Church, UCC, Thompson, CT
MS, Erin Wathen, P, Grace Immanuel UCC, Louisville, KY
U, Uriah Williams, P, Peace United Church of Christ, Shawano, WI
OM, Bella Winters, P, Saint Mark’s UCC, Snydersburg, MD

The Center for Analytics, Research & Development, and Data (CARDD) provides oversight of the UCC Data Hub through which ministerial changes are made. However, Conferences and Associations are responsible for reporting changes and maintaining ministerial records in this system. If you have questions about this information, please contact the appropriate Conference or Association.