Call on Portman to Vote for Build Back Better

Your voice is urgently needed in an effort to pass some of the most transformative and impactful measures Congress has considered in years. With the Build Back Better reconciliation bill, Congress is considering legislation that could cut child poverty in half, provide free community college, create clean energy, expand Medicaid coverage for dental, vision, and hearing, build a broad pathway to citizenship, remove barriers to key social programs for formerly incarcerated persons, and much more. Urge Senator Portman to vote for legislation that is good for people and planet with these simple steps:

(1) Call Portman’s office at 216-522-7095.

(2) If you reach a member of his staff, tell them your name and your zip code. Say that you are a constituent and a person of faith who is calling on Portman to vote for the Build Back Better reconciliation bill. Add why you are particularly moved to call. An important moral message at this time is that big corporations and those earning over $400,000 should pay their fair share so that our country provides the programs necessary for children and families to thrive.

(3) If you reach voicemail, share your name, zip code, and message urging Portman to vote for the bill. Additionally, ask that his office follow up with you. You can provide either your phone number or your email for this to happen.

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