United Church of Christ

Solidarity with People Seeking Asylum


Becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Church

Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants come to the United States seeking safety, security, freedom and opportunity, but instead many experience suffering as they fear raids, deportation, and witness their families being torn apart. A 2017 UCC national General Synod Resolution calls on UCC congregations and settings to become an Immigrant Welcoming Church.


The UCC  engages in support for asylum seekers because of and through the lens of faith.  Worship, ritual and theological articulation are central to why and how the UCC supports people seeking asylum.
Praising God and caring for one another as God’s children is the heart of who we are as Christians 

Act Now:

--Preach and Study using Scripture Texts on Welcoming the Stranger 

--Use Litany for Families Being Separated

--Use Refugee Justice Sunday Litany


Policy Action

The UCC advocates for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and connects with members of Congress on particular legislation and policy actions that will support Asylum Seekers in the United States.

Act Now:

--Sign pledge of solidarity with people seeking asylum

--Tell Congress to Support Those Seeking Asylum

--Write Opinion Editorial for Local Media Platform

--Host a letter writing party during Sunday morning coffee hour and visit federal legislators in home districts 


Public Witness

The UCC encourages congregations and individuals to mobilize for public witness in support of people seeking asylum in the United States.   Public witness is important within every local community in the U.S. and in collective actions in locations close to the U.S. southern border.

Act Now:

--Order and Display Lawn Sign for Epiphany
 #WelcomeRefugees, #WelcomeAsylumSeekers, #WelcomeChrist

--Sign Pledge of Solidarity with People Seeking Asylum


Accompaniment & Shelter

Local UCC congregations and national networks are physically accompanying people seeking asylum in the United States through short-term sheltering, personal accompaniment through the asylum legal process and connecting with local resources in communities throughout the U.S.

Act Now:

--Sign pledge of solidarity. 

--Participate in 2019 Webinar on ways to Provide Welcome and Support for Asylum Seekers in your Community. More information coming. 

--Accompany families in your local community.

-- Apply to become a long-term Partners in Service volunteer (1-6 months)

--Apply for the Young Adult Service Communities 2019-2020 with placements related to immigration and refugees. 

--Plan a group solidarity trip with an organization working with asylum seekers for the long term with Mission Trip Opportunities.

--Subscribe to Global Ministries (UCC/Disciples) Weekly Up-dates.