Appeal: Severe Storms 2021

Nearly one in three Americans lives in a county hit by a weather disaster in the past three months (June-August), the Washington Post reported.

More than 20 U.S. states from the South to the Northeast are reeling from the impact of just one of those disasters: Hurricane Ida and its sizeable remnants, which left catastrophic water and wind damage, including significant power outages. And hurricane season is far from over.

Recovery needs, both short- and long-term, will be massive, with damage estimates in the billions of dollars.

What’s the best way to help now? Send money. UCC Disaster Response and Recovery Minister Lesli Remaly said of Hurricane Ida, “For a storm this size, money makes good sense as we know long-term recovery and rebuilding will be necessary.”

This also would be a great time for churches to assemble CWS Emergency Clean-Up Buckets and School and Hygiene Kits. CWS stocks Kits for disasters just like Ida. Get full specifications, and apply for a $250 UCC Kits Matching Grant to make your contribution go even farther!

One can also mail a check made payable to the United Church of Christ PO BOX 71957 Cleveland, OH 44194. Please be sure to note “2021 Severe Storms” on your check in the memo section, or in an attached letter.