ACT and CARITAS Multi-Year Darfur Programme

Screen_Shot_2018-03-06_at_4.57.36_PM_copy.jpgSince 2004 Act Alliance and the Darfur Program has reaffirmed its commitment to support the people and communities of Darfur and South Sudanese. Act Alliance estimated that approximately 1.1 million of the IDPs are still found in South and Central Darfur where the Darfur Program is intervening due to years of war. “During 2017, the level of armed confrontations in Darfur has continued to decrease but the situation remains highly volatile; increased criminality, the spread of firearms, inter-tribal fighting, the absence of law enforcement and unleashed militia are still major challenges.”

The lack of basic services, necessities, food, shelter, infrastructure, continue to prevent the return of IDPs to their homes. Act Alliances has found that “the absence of socio- economic opportunities to rebuild their lives means that even after years of displacement, two thirds of displaced people struggle to fully sustain their food needs by themselves.”

“The Darfur Program, with and through its local partners, is planning to reach around 450,000 persons in urgent need of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Primary Healthcare and Nutrition, Emergency Shelter, Livelihoods and Education in South and Central Darfur.”

For more information on Act Alliance and the Darfur Programme, and how you can stay informed click here.


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