A Prayer for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

21 March 2022

Written by
Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia A. Thompson

Holy One, on this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination we are thankful for all people everywhere, remembering we are one in you, a beautiful mosaic, a beautiful people, a beautiful world. We are thankful for the rich diversity you created us to be, woven by  language, heritage and culture.

Creator, you made us all.

Holy One, known by many names and seen in every face, we are all your people, made by you and called by your name. We come from different parts of this world you created, bringing with us stories of the places where we lives. Our lands are beautiful. Sunshine in some places, snow in others, some with mountains to roam others with oceans and rivers to swims.

Creator, you made this world in which we live.

Holy One, we remember today the “69 killed during peaceful protest in Sharpesville, South Africa in 1960”.* We remember the violence imposed on communities because they are labeled as different when we are all created in your image. We remember the protests that continue today calling for change to the violation of human rights for millions.

Creator, we invite your healing among us.

We pray for “people everywhere to strengthen and consolidate their voices against racism, to mobilize against all forms and manifestations of racial discrimination and injustice and to ensure a safe environment  for those who speak up”.*

Creator, you call us to be instruments of peace and champions of justice.

Holy One, we pray for the freedom of all people. We pray that all will live with dignity and respect. We pray for continued courage to lift our voices against racism and all forms of discrimination. We join the global community in praying to “ensure that people of African descent and those who stand up against racism are protected and heard, and that their concerns are acted on.”*

Creator, grant us your presence with us as we continue to raise our voices for action against racism.



World Council of Churches Global Prayer for UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination