Regional and Judicatory Ministers

Regional and Judicatory Ministers

Those serving in the ministry of Conferences and Associations are, increasingly, the denomination's "sandwich generation": they witness to, walk with and work through both the dying and the launching of ministries. Association and Conference Ministers support leadership formation and authorization, congregational search and call, regional ministry programs, and shape vision for church vitality.

In the processes of Search and Call, Association and Conference Ministers provide validation for UCC Ministerial Profiles (verifying a minister's authorization, fitness and standing) in addition to facilitating the circulation of profiles to calling bodies. The new Ministerial Profiles Portal empowers judicatory ministers to seek out authorized ministers according to their gifts and availability for ministry and to retrieve validated Profiles for circulation. For work with congregations in Search and Call, an updated sample call agreement is available; while the call agreement by its nature should be prayerfully shaped according to each context of call, the sample agreement models terms of covenant, provides improved language on insurance and termination, addresses intellectual property, and outlines salary & benefits for full-time, part-time and interim pastors alike.

The Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization (MESA) Team supports regional and judicatory ministers of the United Church of Christ, especially through the biennial event AM21: Authorizing Ministry in the 21st Century. Planning for December 2014's AM21 event is already underway! For this year's event, the purpose of Authorizing Ministry in the 21st Century is:

to embody interdependence as we shape and sharpen tools
necessary for building up faithful and effective leaders
of the present and still-coming Body of Christ.

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