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Far Astray
March 12, 2014
Newcomers: I always wonder what brought them to church.

Shut Up and Take a Compliment
March 11, 2014
Do you ever find yourself answering a compliment with a rebuttal? Next time, just say "thank you."

"Life is not a game. It's a test"
March 10, 2014
I look back on my life so far and see some tests I have met well and some I have failed at miserably.

The Power of Stuff
March 9, 2014
Things have so much power over us. We shop to abate heartache, distract from anxiety, or buy a new future (exercise equipment, anyone?).

Roll of the Dice
March 8, 2014
Our lives often seem as unpredictable as a roll of the dice.

First World Problems
March 7, 2014
Recently, a friend told me she'd had a meeting cancelled at work because the person she was supposed to meet with had a flat tire on his jet.

Bearing False Witness
March 6, 2014
Here are a few things I’ve heard well-educated progressive Christians say recently.

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