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Humanity Revealed
September 9, 2014
People seem to need super-human heroes and icons. And when those heroes and icons are not real in fact, they are made real in the minds of the public.

Mary’s Birthday
September 8, 2014
The ancient church gave Jesus a birthday, even though no one had the slightest idea when he was actually born. In the 5th century, the church gave Jesus’ mother a birthday too.

"You will have pain."
September 7, 2014
Our economy insists that all things are available for purchase. If you are struck by tragedy, you haven't made the right choices.

Sheep Dogs
September 6, 2014
Ministers are often referred to as "pastor," and the Latin root of that word is "to shepherd." In other words, in a congregation the pastor is the shepherd and the people are the sheep.

Well-Behaved Women
September 5, 2014
What would I dare to do if I believed that everyone would follow?

Fresh Notebooks
September 4, 2014
I have often heard people say they don't like prayers of confession in worship. To them, prayers of confession feel like a downer. That is not my experience.

The Power of a Paystub
September 3, 2014
With the Labor Day weekend behind us, the letter of James remind us that justice for workers never takes a holiday.

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