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An Announcement from Extravagance UCC
May 28, 2014

Please join Extravagance UCC on Facebook at www.facebook.com/extravaganceucc by "following" and "liking" us. You will find invitations to participate in Bible studies and livestream Lectio Divina, with more to come.

I am so glad that you have found us at our Extravagance UCC page here on the United Church of Christ website. If you have not already done so I hope you will register with our community by clicking on this link www.ucc.org/extravagance.

Since the announcement about Extravagance UCC at General Synod in July of 2013, we have been in the process of exploring different options for forming faith community and connections through social media. Our current ministry is being done on Facebook at www.facebook.com/extravaganceucc. If you haven't already done so, please go to that link, "like" and "follow" our page and become part of our growing faith community. Join us as we continue to explore different ways of bringing people together online for prayer, study, conversation, community, care and belonging.

During this Easter season and beyond look for opportunities to connect through Facebook Retreats, virtual face to face gatherings, book studies and more. We will also connect you to live streaming of worship opportunities via live-streaming with various UCC churches around the country. And for a new Extravagance UCC website launching in June 2014.

So please join us today by registering here at www.ucc.org/extravagance and by going to www.facebook.com/extravaganceucc.

Then, will you do four things to help:

  1. Pray for Extravagance UCC that we can be a visible presence, a prophetic voice and a progressive evangelical witness to the reality of our Still-Speaking God of Extravagant Grace,
  2. Share your ideas and hopes for what Extravagance UCC can be for you and others who are seeking a spiritual connection online,
  3. Share information about Extravagance UCC with your friends and family,
  4. Share your financial gifts of support and encourage others to do the same at www.ucc.org/extravagance.

I look forward to sharing in ministry with you and "seeing" online,

Jo Hudson Signature
Jo Hudson,
Gathering Pastor

God's vision: a congregation that welcomes and connects people in learning, loving, and being a source of justice, peace, and hope in the world.

We imagine a diverse, fully inclusive community of people from around the globe coming together in many ways that include online interaction and connection in order to proclaim and extend God’s extravagant welcome.

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Now, tell us your hopes, dreams and ideas for connecting people across the nation, continent and world in a bold, transforming new congregation: Extravagance UCC.

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Rev. Jo Hudson
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