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Weekly Seeds is a weekly email summary of our popular resource for lectionary-based Bible study. It includes next Sunday's Bible reading, a brief meditation, and reflections from ancient or contemporary sources. Each email links to the full version, which you'll also find linked further down this page.  Click the "Signup" button below to subscribe when the form is complete.


Remind, Reveal, Reinforce

The End of the Break

Reshape, Reclaim, Remember

In the Midst of God's Anger

Do You See Me?

What matters in the end

Rejecting Fear, Embracing Joy

How then shall we live?

Door Shut or Open?

Promises and warnings, caution and faith

What Should I Do?

What makes a teacher authoritative?

A Prophetic Vision's Power

Held by God in love

Known by Goodness and Mercy

Radiant with God's love

Living as a Liberation Community

How well shall we live together?

Words for Living

God's Wisdom for Our Lives