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National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS





The purpose of The National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS, March 4-10, 2012,  is to bring national attention to the AIDS epidemic in the United States and the extraordinary role faith communities can play in addressing the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Every Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple and Home is invited to join in prayer, education, advocacy and service for the healing of AIDS in the United States and the World.

We Believe in the Power of Prayer and Education!!

The National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS is the coming together of all people of faith to unite with purpose, compassion and hope. Through the power of God's love we will educate every American about HIV prevention facts; encourage and support HIV testing; advocate for the availability of compassionate care and treatment for all those living with the disease in every community in America; and love unconditionally all persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

God's Heart is Big Enough for Everybody!!

Let us Pray and Educate Together!!

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