United Church of Christ

Science and Technology Network

The UCC Science and Technology Network

Science and technology issues face congregations every day. At work and in family life, we are faced with dilemmas, hope, and cultural changes involving technology. This creates a need for dialogue and conversation in the church.

Every local church has individuals who are scientists, science teachers, physicians, or people working in medical fields. The expertise of these individuals and the community can serve as good resources for churches.

The UCC STN believes that science, technology, and Christian faith can learn from each other. There is no formal membership, though a small steering committee exists to work ecumenically, consult when requested, and encourage with a ministry of empowerment denominational reflection on these themes with youth, young adults, college, adult education, and in our worshipping life with technology and new media as a resource - but also engaging the big questions of science and tech of our day. (More.)