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Searching for Holy Ground 

Richard L. Floyd

You can't find holy ground with your GPS. You won't even find it at famous holy places, though you might.

Loaves and (Gold)fishes

Elizabeth Griswold

I think sometimes the greatest gift we can give another is to receive graciously their heartfelt offer of hospitality.

Big Ole Softie

Quinn G. Caldwell

You know somebody with a broken heart.  I know you do. 

Pain Tolerance

Anthony Robinson

Are there times in life when it's best to tolerate a little pain, to live with a little discomfort? 


Mary Luti

An outspoken friend of mine used to be a loud presence on social media.

Superior Firepower

Matt Laney

Faith is the greatest weapon there is.

Don't Gather All the Grapes

Kenneth L. Samuel

God's instructions were clear: generosity and compassion were to be built into the system of reaping and harvesting. 

Atheist Dentists and Smug Christians

Matt Fitzgerald

I went to a new dentist recently. He asked me what I do for a living. I told him. He looked me straight in the eye and said, "A pastor. Let me ask you something. Do you believe in evolution?"


Donna Schaper

The difference between a good competition and an evil one is in its objective.  When it comes to showing honor, everybody has a chance to win.

Cain, I Am

Matt Laney

God shows astounding mercy and compassion for Cain after his horrible crime.  Just as God provided protective clothing for Adam and Eve after their big mistake, so God protects Cain after his.