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Tony Robinson

It is the truth that God loves the world, is for all creatures, and is present with us in every endeavor to make real that love in concrete ways.

"Tried and Found Wanting"

Richard L. Floyd

God tries and tests all of us Jesus followers, as we go about our business in the world.

Snug as a Bug

John Edgerton

I know what I am supposed to do, but I wiggle out of it.  And very quickly my life falls into a state of disarray.  

Think Again

John Nelson

It can be awfully hard to see how my convictions separate me from God. It can be awfully easy to believe terribly untrue things.

Donna of the Night

Kaji Douša

Several hours with my shero last week taught me something new about Psalm 134.

Grace Cheated Me Out of My Discount

Lillian Daniel

Thank you for the free gift of grace because I cannot get it for myself. 

I Am the Way

Matt Laney

This verse does NOT mean only Christians go to heaven because the gospel of John makes little or no difference between this life and the afterlife.

Mic Check

Vince Amlin

At 10:15 every Sunday morning, a streak of blond hair comes tearing down the aisle. My nephew.

All the News that's Fit to Pray

Molly Baskette

I'm trying to make it a spiritual exercise by praying my way through the news instead of simply gorging on it.  Praying in this way may not change the situation, but, as they say, it changes me.  

Getting in the Boat 

Jennifer Brownell

When I told a new spiritual director my secret, it seemed like such a fatal flaw for a ministry student that I could hardly speak it aloud.  "Half the time," I whispered, "I don't even believe in God."