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Sing Once, Pray Twice, or Just Sing Already

Lillian Daniel

"He who sings, prays twice," said the great church reformer Martin Luther. I've always thought that was kind of unfair to the people who don't like to sing.

Pastor as Pointer

Matt Laney

Surely no one in your church has the current or former minister on a pedestal so high they block out the cross.

Check Please!

Vince Amlin

I have a friend who insists on paying for everything.

So That

Vicki Kemper

I'm supposed to love a mass murderer, Jesus? Really?


Emily C. Heath

Entitlement is not a new phenomenon. It's been around since the start of time.


Quinn G. Caldwell

What is the size of the estate you've inherited, by virtue of your sex, your skin, your gender, your nationality, the kind of body you have?  How far are you allowed to go before somebody with power yells, "Halt!"?

Saving Flesh

Mary Luti

A good friend was in therapy for a debilitating situational depression.

The Works of Your Own Hands

Kenneth L. Samuel

Is there a worse feeling than coming to despise that which was brought about by your own making?

Laughter Rolling off the Golden Throne

Matt Fitzgerald

Laughing in church is a way of saying, "Let's be honest. We don't really know what we're talking about."


Donna Schaper

Most of us have closets and garages that are way too full and hearts that are way too empty.