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Learn to Weep

In these awful days of virus-related illness and death, whenever we’re asked why these things happen, let’s not be quick to answer.

Suffering is Optional

We can’t get through life without pain. From temporary toothaches to enduring heartbreaks, pain is part of the human condition.

Manna and Meat

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needsYou can need meat and be grateful for manna at the same time. So thank God for the basics, and thank God, too, for those things essential for full—not just minimal—life.

The Feast at the Feeder

We are accustomed to finding purpose in doing and busyness, but stay-at-home orders prevent much of that. Meanwhile, the flowers of the field still grow.

The Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living

Waiting on the Lord does not put our dreams on indefinite hold. Waiting on the Lord places our dreams on an immediate process of unfolding. Faith is not just eternal but imminent.

Be Careful What You Ask For

It seems to me that we’ve been ‘social distancing’ as Americans for quite some time now. Polarization, breaking into camps and tribes. Leaders sowing division to hold onto power.

The Potter's Wheel

A lot matters about how we choose to connect to the so-called least of these. Be careful of the Messiah complex, but not of relationship with the Messiah.

An Amen for the Night Help

In Psalm 134, the blessings of the Most High are called down upon all those who labor behind the scenes. We have the responsibility of helping to realize those blessings.

A Time to De-Clutter

This crisis is reminding me that I have to work just as hard to protect myself, from the inside out, so as not to cause harm. Perhaps I am not the only one.

The Better Part

Something is happening. Which is not to say that this moment is an opportunity or – God forbid! – a gift. But we might do well to live differently, even just for the moment.