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Does it Work?

Jennifer Brownell

The labyrinth worked as sacred space, as beautiful creation, as invitational circle, as formation of community, as joy that bubbles into laughter, as holy ground.

Lightness of Being

John A. Nelson

Healing can happen.

Rooting for Gladness

Kaji Douša

A person should not have to feel that they embark on a battle of spiritual warfare each time they come into our church.

And Don't Forget Your Sweatshirt!

Lillian Daniel

A mother makes a cake for a special occasion and she tells her two kids, "That cake is not for you. It's for the church supper tonight. So do not touch it!" 

You Can Run but You Can't Hide

Matt Laney

You might be running from God by avoiding some helpful task, person or life choice. Or maybe you are running because you've forgotten how to be still. In any case, aren't you tired?


Mary Luti

There are things worse than dying.


Mary Luti

Not all silence is the same.


Jennifer Brownell

We all contain the capacity for both bravery and fear.  That is why sometimes we run toward God, and sometimes slink away.

War is Super Fun

Quinn G. Caldwell

We don’t talk about it much, but war, terrible as it is, is way less boring than peace.

When Peace Came to Church

Vicki Kemper

Have you ever heard 100 people gasp in unison?