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The Word that Shapes Us

Talitha Arnold

I'm grateful each week for this ancient benediction's power.

Not Good

Matt Laney

Although Adam enjoyed a stress-free existence in a tropical paradise, he was alone. For the first time, God looked at creation and said, "That's not good."

Hide it Under a Bucket, NO!

Vince Amlin

Much of adulthood can seem like weaving a bushel basket around my lamp, tempering its dazzling radiance to a more respectable glow.

Why the Cross?

Vicki Kemper

"Why the cross?"

The Reluctant Giver

Jennifer Brownell

All due respect to the Apostle Paul, but I just don't agree with him.

One More Gift

Quinn G. Caldwell

What was separated in time for the people in today's passage is usually smooshed together in baptisms these days.

Indoor Voice

Mary Luti

God has an indoor voice.

When Cells Differentiate

Lillian Daniel

Cells differentiate, just like people do.

We Don't Have a Clue

Matt Fitzgerald

The world needs a church audacious enough to gather in the name of Christ, yet humble enough to say we don't quite know what we're talking about.

Social Media Diet for the New Year

Donna Schaper

For my new year's resolution, I am putting myself on a social media diet.