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Age as Accomplishment

Lillian Daniel

Bless this youth-obsessed culture with the knowledge that age can be a blessing, not to be taken for granted

My gods

Matt Laney

If I asked what you believe in most profoundly, what you have given your heart to, what would you say? 

Don't Kill the Messenger

Vince Amlin

When something stresses me out, my inclination is to ignore it.

Thy Sting

Molly Baskette

When people we love get sick or die out of the natural order of things, we are stung anew by the awareness that we're only here for a little while.

Whatever Makes You Ready

Jennifer Brownell

Different conflicts call for different approaches to peace, as much as different weather calls for different footwear. 

Crying with Permission

Marchaé Grair

Even when I'm crying alone, I feel embarrassed I can't keep it together. I fall victim to a society that indicts emotion and criminalizes imperfection.

Samaritan Jesus

Mary Luti

Jews weren't fond of Samaritans, to say the least. Everything we say about groups we hate was said about them: they got religion wrong, they thought they were better than you, they were strange, standoffish, dangerous, lazy, immoral.

Trivia Take Over

Kenneth Samuel

Trivial pursuits may interest certain persons, but when they become our public preoccupation and cause us to miss the majors in pursuit of the minors... we find ourselves perpetually drowning in the kiddie pool.

The Girls at Camp Take God Seriously

Matt Fitzgerald

Dear God, keep me from speaking your name, unless I mean it.

The Next Reformation

Donna Schaper

This month we begin a year of celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.