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Love for One Another

Kenneth L. Samuel

Given the bitter wrangling of this past election cycle, love for one another is still our most pressing need.

Sorry, Millennials

Matt Fitzgerald

The relationship I have with Jesus is the longest one I've ever been in. He knit me together. He's been with me every second since.

Deferred Maintenance

Donna Schaper

At our highest and deepest humanity, we are caretakers of creation. We were given magnificence.  We forgot to rotate the tires.

Consider Your Way of Life

Tony Robinson

When challenged to reorder our lives, it's easy to respond as the people did to Haggai. "It's not the right time. There's too much on my plate. I'll get to that later."

From Generation to Generation

Richard L. Floyd

I think back to the many people who helped me to have faith. Often it was not what they told me so much as who they were, a certain authenticity about them and the way they acted.

Figuring Out the Plumbing

Talitha Arnold

"The prophet's job is to proclaim 'Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream. Our job is to figure out the plumbing.'"

The Cave

Kaji Dousa

Psalm 142 is a Psalm of David offered from the time "when he was in the cave." Are you in the cave, too? Is someone else who you know there, too?

Saint Sammy

Emily C. Heath

Protestant Christians don't just think of saints as people who are extraordinarily holy. Sainthood, for us, has little to do with being extraordinarily good.

The Power of Patience

Marchae Grair

In God's Divine wisdom, perhaps She knows we need reminders to slow down and wait. 

A Victory Speech from Someone Who Never Wins Anything 

Lillian Daniel

When it comes to little contests and games of chance, I never win anything. But guess who guessed the number of chocolate coffee beans in the jar last Sunday?