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Giddy-Up God

From today until Christmas day, let’s pray boldly. Call on God to come. Ask God to shine on you and every person or place that need some light.

I'll Take the Knee

We do our best when we kneel to no god but God alone, to lean not on our own feet but on the power of the One who calls us to humble supplication in the first place.


Even the Wolves are Welcome

Isaiah saw the possibility of all kinds of animals living together. In our time, it’s a challenge to see the possibility of those animals—wolves, bears, bees—simply staying alive.

The Cost of Advent

If you’ve ever been scared to do what’s right but done it anyway, then you understand the cost of Advent.


When have you done enough justice? How do you know if you’ve managed to walk humbly? Acted beloved enough? There is no straight answer, so we rely on God’s grace.

With Joy You Will Draw Water

Advent promises a great reversal! The lion will dwell with the lamb. The desert will blossom and bloom. And there will be great joy!

God Loves a Grouchy Giver

I have no patience for useless gifts. Cheerful giving comes easier to me than grateful receiving. So in December, I pray for more patience with presents.

The E Word

Tell people about the deep wells of joy that faith gives you to draw upon. Tell someone about the times in your life when God has meant the difference between life and death.

Are You the One?

Maybe some messiah will arrive someday who agrees that lying on the couch playing solitaire on my phone all day is exactly what they meant by sabbath.


With nightmares permeating both day and night, it is easy for the words on our tongues to sour. But the beckoning of Advent is to be filled up with God’s dream so we sing with joy.