United Church of Christ

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Not Safe for Worship

We might go to church avoiding questions about our job (laid off) or our academic prospects (failed) or our spiritual health (doubtful). But the church began among hurting people.

What’s Your Name?

Jesus was not the first or the last person to choose their own name. How does it change your relationship if you call them by their chosen name? You will not know until you try.


Good lawyers sort through information and come up with the point that needs to be heard. In Luke 10, it’s this: Love. Love fully. Love God and neighbor and self, all three.

Learn Your Lessons

It can be a rhyme or a sunset that teaches us of God’s love. It can be an earworm or an alphabet that keeps us honest in relationship to one another. So long as we learn the lesson.

Holy Advocacy

I love advocacy and activism, but I’m not always motivated to do it, mostly because I’m comfortable. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit has something much better in mind than comfort.


When there’s been a breach, apologies matter. Words matter. But when the breach is in the form of stolen wealth, wealth is the only thing that can repair it.

Far More than We Can Imagine

The Apostle Paul trusted the God of infinite imagination, and we are encouraged to do the same. Whether we’re trying to envision a just world or the healing of our own hearts.

Can I Live Here?

The invitation to kick back, relax and get comfortable living in God’s beautiful and holy place is not nearly as unattainable as many of us assume. It is evident daily.


Payback always means more violence. It punishes, but it doesn’t fix a thing and it doesn’t satisfy. All you’re left with is a corroded heart.

Comma Campaigns

We are rapidly learning new languages—and it is not always easy. I personally don’t speak Facebook or Instagram. It’s a good thing God is still speaking while we are all finding our way.