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Goings-on and Come-uppances

I give thanks for the way God comes through no matter what in the world is happening, keeping hold of me day and night, my help in all things and all times.

New Songs

All by myself, I have a habit of singing the same songs. Listening to the same Spotify playlist. Rehearsing the same worldview. Repeating the same prayers.

The Cave

If a lament is not your song today, how can you call into the ‘cave’ where someone is struggling? If you are in church leadership, how can you help to make room for lament?

Pre-Pardoning Compromise

God takes whatever God can get. That's good news for us who demand moral purity and perfection in ourselves and others, yet always end up compromising.

A Different World

As parents, we are interested in preparing our daughter for the world as God would have it. A world in which love is shared with friends and strangers and even enemies.

Protecting My Energy

It should not be incumbent upon any Black person to spend their time proving to obstinate people that racism kills.


Countless women, named and unnamed like the Syrophoenician woman, have doggedly persisted – would not go away, would not give way, would not be dismissed.

Who is This Even For?

While I’d never claim out loud to be free of wickedness, I sure have found myself acting that way from time to time. Looking like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

Let God’s People Go

When met with disbelief, let’s shift our focus – away from dwindling attendance to the political and economic systems that write off entire categories of God’s children.

Mostly Dead

We’re a full six months into this pandemic, and here is the final exam for this semester: Where are you feeling almost dead? Where are you coming alive for the first time in years?