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You Can't Step in the Same River Twice

Lillian Daniel

The winter river has surprised me with its beauty.


Matt Laney

God revealed God's heart through the face of Jesus Christ. It was a message of divine warmth and tenderness wrapped in human flesh. 

The Joy of Tests

Vince Amlin

I have often thought of tests of faith like ordinary exams, asking me what I already know, making sure I did the required reading.

Spiritual Things

Molly Baskette

In orthodox Christianity, possessions are suspect. But there are some 'things' that exert a powerfully beneficial force over our spirits.

Laying On of Hands

Jennifer Brownell

Laying on of hands is a blessing, a reminder of the movement of the Holy Spirit, a passing of God's call from one generation to the next.

Prayer Warriors

Marchaé Grair

As a child, I didn't always understand the term "prayer warriors." What kind of war were they fighting?


Mary Luti

At Jesus' baptism, God discloses his identity: beloved Child.

'Got Your ID?'

Kenneth L. Samuel

Self-appointed messiahs are prevalent everywhere.

A Love So Fierce It Cancelled School

Matt Fitzgerald

What does God look like?

Deep Time

Molly Baskette

It's a great comfort, whatever the current calamity, to know that there's a time in the future when it's already been resolved, somehow, and that that future is as real to God as the now you are suffering through.