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Some Things Just Are

Mary Luti

Seeing God everywhere is just as idolatrous as not seeing God anywhere. To be fully human is to accept that life is a mix of things charged with purpose and things that are random.

The Ecstatic Truth

Matt Fitzgerald

We need more than facts. We need the truth that beats like a heartbeat beneath every fact, the truth that no proof can grasp.

New Things

Emily C. Heath

I believe that the church that exists at the end of my life will look radically different than the one that exists now. That does not scare me. That excites me.

No Body Like This Body

Matt Laney

An absent pastor is sometimes the best thing that can happen to a church (and the pastor).


Quinn G. Caldwell

To hear some of us clergy talk, you'd think it must have been fun to be at the Last Supper.

The Odd Healing of Humor

John A. Nelson

The work for peace is a long haul. But there are good, rich moments.

Momentary Wonder

John A. Nelson

No souls were saved, no movements advanced. But a great wide wonder remains resident in my heart.


Mark Winters

I was a righteous child. I knew I was going to grow up and rid the world of injustice. Which is probably why I didn't have a lot of friends as a kid.

Persecution and Progress

Kenneth L. Samuel

It's amazing how God uses us in places we never intended to be in.

The Forgiveness Spiral

Molly Baskette

When people hurt and betray us, the shrapnel wound can go layers deep.