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Whose Bus is It?

Donna Schaper

Very few of us are able to be free of our perch or our point of view.

Intensity in the Pew

Matt Fitzgerald

When I was a child church evoked two emotions: boredom and awe.

Loaves and (Gold)fishes

Elizabeth Griswold

Maybe the Bible's stories are alive all around us, and it's our job to find ways to tell the old, old stories in beautiful new ways.

The One Who Gives Us Room

Talitha Arnold

"When my mother was diagnosed with cancer," a friend shared recently, "one of the greatest gifts was the nurse in the oncologist's office."

The Time Famine

Donna Schaper

The time famine is the pervasive feeling that we don't have enough time.

Another Question, Please!

Kenneth L. Samuel

In various forms, the same question has reverberated throughout human history: Who will show us better times?


Mary Luti

Some people claim to know. They've seen soft lights, green meadows, felt God's embrace. If you find that comforting, I'm glad. But none of it is certain.

I Know the Answer

Matt Fitzgerald

Listen, we don't have to understand the resurrection to cling to it, to be lifted up by it, to be changed by it.

Back to Normal? Or a New Beginning?

Emily C. Heath

We are only just beginning the journey of the season of Resurrection.

And Peter

Mary Luti

And Peter—possibly the two most poignant words in scripture