United Church of Christ

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Getting in the Boat 

Jennifer Brownell

When I told a new spiritual director my secret, it seemed like such a fatal flaw for a ministry student that I could hardly speak it aloud.  "Half the time," I whispered, "I don't even believe in God." 


Marchaé Grair

Who am I to question my worthiness when I've already been declared worthy by God?

Take (My) Heart

Mary Luti

We may not always know that we're encouraging each other, but heaven knows. The hovering angels see.

Making an Entrance

Kenneth L. Samuel

What we bring with us to the issues of life sets the tone for what we will receive. 

Beginner's Mind

Matt Fitzgerald

In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few.

A Wild and Interesting God

Donna Schaper

We don't always have the right diagnosis – and that is not just a medical statement.  


Tony Robinson

A lot of missteps in life can be traced to a gnawing fear, a corrosive feeling that, "I am not enough.

The Community that Mercy Makes

Richard L. Floyd

I sit in the pews these days, since my pastoring days are behind me, and I contemplate my fellow church members, many of whom I have come to love. What brings them here, I wonder?

To Seek with Heart and Soul

Talitha Arnold

Our church's Youth Confirmands may not be ready, even after two years, to confirm their faith this May. That's okay. What we truly hope is that they will continue to seek God, with heart and soul.

Still Life Goes On

Kaji Douša

In all that we do, we hold a basket of fruit into which we and the others around us make an offering.