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It's the Fear of New Life

Talitha Arnold

According to John, it was fear "of the Jews" that made the disciples huddle behind locked doors.  Not only have such statements spawned Christian anti-Semitism for centuries, but I think John got it wrong as to the root cause of their fear.

Eat What is Good

Bryn Smallwood Garcia

During Lent, I did not do any fasting, but I did try to eat more slowly, peacefully, mindfully.

The Last Laugh

Emily C. Heath

Two years from now Easter and April Fool's Day will coincide on April 1st.

Stay Put

Mary Luti

We admire seekers. We like the lone protagonist who struggles to attain God. But God isn't a reward, a prize at the finish line of striving.

Life and Liberty

Kenneth L. Samuel

The resurrection is about something more than life beyond the tomb. The resurrection is also about the liberation of those who've been revived.

Pious Amnesia

Lillian Daniel

Sometimes, a genuine experience of God becomes a pious amnesia. The newly inspired forget what they were like before.

Be Still My Soul

Richard L. Floyd

Today's passage is a humble little one I have never really noticed before. I love that about Scripture, when new gems previously overlooked shine for us.

And Peter

Mary Luti

Jesus wants you to go to Galilee. He will see you there. 

God is Dead

John Edgerton

Today, I need God, and every scrap of reason I can muster tells me that God is not coming.

Montage Sequence

Molly Baskette

Most of our spiritual progress, at least once we reach adulthood, is made by lurching from crisis to crisis, grief to grief, and somehow surviving all of them.