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Show and Prove

Kaji Douša

If I were called to it, I could easily write a television series based on my [former] dating life. It was that dramatic.

Mothers Translate

Lillian Daniel

A lot of what good mothers do is translate.

That Sinking Feeling

John A. Nelson

Many of us, probably most, are inundated in one way or another. There's good company — and understanding and support — among those who are struggling.

Thirsty Land

Vince Amlin

In Isaiah, God says that the gift of the Spirit transforms the people to be like trees in the desert.

Interventionist God

Molly Baskette

The relative power of God to intervene in the happenings of our world is perhaps one of the most unresolved tenets of progressive Christianity.


Jennifer Garrison Brownell

An earnest and thoughtful person looked worriedly into my face and asked me if I had accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  Was I, in short, saved?

Blessings to Go

Vicki Kemper

I stand with a sandwich sign that says "Blessings to Go" on one side and "Ask me for a blessing" on the other. And the amazing thing? People do ask.

It Will Be All Right

Mary Luti

We aren't here to own anything, but to receive everything; not to finish anything, but to participate in something.

That's My Mother!

Kenneth L. Samuel

Just about all of us who've been blessed to have our mothers alive and with us in our adulthood have experienced some trying moments with them

The City Was as Beautiful as a Singing Orchard

Matt Fitzgerald

In Chicago, orchards don't sing, but things do get flung into praise.