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Grace For the Old, Too

Tony Robinson

Sometimes in the Christmas focus on children, on the young woman Mary and the birth in the manger, we miss another element in the story of Christ's birth. There is grace here not just for the young, but for the old, or older, as well.

What Do You See?

Lillian Daniel

When I travel, I want to see all the big sites, the beautiful buildings and the somber markers. I don't want to miss a thing.

I am a Winter-ist

Donna Schaper

I wonder how I can escape the prison of my prejudices and learn to enjoy all that God has made.

I Had Planned

Talitha Arnold

"We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that."

The Peaceable Kingdom

Tony Robinson

Realists dismiss these images of predator and prey reconciled as the sheerest sort of seasonal sentimentality.


Mary Luti

Mary is the still point in the resounding amazement. 

Christmas in the Swamp

Vince Amlin

There will be no white Christmas in Gainesville, Florida, tomorrow.

A New Name

Molly Baskette

Do you have any Theys in your family?


Quinn G. Caldwell

Admit it: you love fire.

A Brood of Snakes

Matt Laney

To understand John the Baptist we have to appreciate his old-fashioned idea that everyone has been compromised by that slithering serpent in the garden and is deserving of God's wrath.