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Dwell with Me

It’s time we stop demanding God show up in every situation and start asking if God would want us in that situation in the first place.

No Turning Back

Liberation is work. Clearing the path to something new without the machinery of empire. Creating friction by refusing to do what is expected. Wouldn’t it just be easier…?

Living by the Word

Ever since faith graced us, it’s been our mission to look a bit ridiculous. To don hope’s inappropriate attire in a world hunkered down in stubborn frost.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Wisdom isn’t in the end point, the one thing that will instantly make life easier or powerfuller or more fun. Wisdom is the beginning.

Both Sides?

Christ teaches us that those whose hearts are calloused have missed the mark. Those whose hearts are tender have a better chance of finding Jesus.

Exercise Your God-Given Maturity

Maybe the way to maturity is through immaturity. Maybe both conditions are gifts from God, who thought the journey would be good for us.

The Bodies and the Body

We are suddenly and critically aware that our body is deeply connected to, and responsible for, the One Great Body.


Bowing towards each other is possible when we have a third power, a third way, a deeper understanding of what we are doing here on earth in the first place.

Nobody Likes a Grumpy Giver

Gifts aren’t given to decisions; they are given to the place you have decided God is at work. If your gift makes you grumpy – are you in the right place? 


The God who leads us beside still waters is also the God of our most disturbing provocations.