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Clergy Deaths for March 2017

Mackenzie, Charles S., 1/26/2017
Roemer, John J., 3/2/2017
Hunyady, Laslo L., 3/2/2017
Cress, James R., 3/4/2017
Sontag, Lester J., 2/15/2017
Theiss, William F., 3/1/2017
Howard, Thomas, 1/8/2017
Bayer, Lee R., 03/06//2017
Pia, Juan, 6/13/2016
Gross, Frank H., 3/4/2017
McGuire, Allan, 3/8/2017
Taylor, Leon D., 3/6/2017
Pic, Paul, 3/6/2017
Thomas, William E., 2/13/2017
Wedlock, Paul E., 3/2/2017
Engelsdorfer, Marvin, 2/21/2017
Hartmann, Herman A., 3/8/2017
Anderson, Claude, 3/5/2017
Guffey, James, 1/4/2017
Cronenberg, Joseph C., 3/12/2017
Aydt, Nadine, 3/22/2017
Bizer, Arnold A., 3/28/2017
Breuer, Bruce O., 3/25/2017
Byerly, Chester W., 3/28/2017
Cronenberg, Joseph C., 3/12/2017

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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