United Church of Christ

Clergy Deaths for July 2017

Steinle, Donald R., 6/13/2017
Shaw Jr, Joseph O., 6/20/2017
Wickey, John, 6/9/2017
Steinbron, Melvin J., 6/25/2017
Wenz, Herbert, 7/12/2017
Thoma, Robert L., 5/27/2017
Anderson, Virginia L., 4/27/2017
Floyd, Tracy D., 6/27/2017
Washington, John R., 6/18/2017
Hollis, Allen, 7/9/2017
Schmidt, Edward, 7/6/2017
Million, George A., 7/7/2017
Klinkman, Myron F., 7/11/2017
Foos, Samuel, 7/5/2017
Black, Virginia R., 7/2/2017
Steedly, Donald E., 7/25/2017
Landers, Laurence G., 7/21/2017
Colby, Ralph C., 7/20/2017
Nordstrand, Robert N., 7/23/2017
Klueter, John, 7/30/2017
Hermann, Hartmann, 3/8/2017
Repton Merritt, 4/17/2017
House, Loren G., 6/10/2017

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

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