Deep Roots at Clairvaux Farm (Earleville)


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Contact: Lori Goldsmith, Executive Director 
   PO Box 113
   Earleville, MD 21919
Phone: 508.886.2221 or 855-343-4337
Web site:

Deep Roots at Clairvaux Farm provides transitional housing to families with children (ages 0-17) experiencing homelessness.  Twelve families are in residence at any given time and the organization has a long waiting list.   Clairvaux Farm serves families that are economically poor and distressed.  Nearly all families face the challenges of living in rural areas where there are distance and transportation issues.

The Children’s Program offers an after school enrichment program for children and teenagers who are resident at Clairvaux Farm.  A Widening Horizons initiative serves both the children currently resident at the Farm as well as children who are ‘alumni’ of the Farm.  The Widening Horizons initiative offers experiential educational opportunities throughout the Eastern Shore and Delaware.

Projects/Focus:  Groups will do light construction and renovation; gardening and landscaping; and the sorting of donations.  In the summer, groups support programming for children and teenagers resident at the Farm.

Educational/ Advocacy Components:  Staff works with groups to determine their preference in terms of reflection practices.  A chapel is available that can serve as an appropriate quiet space for deeper conversations on issues.  Reading materials and opportunities for engagement or deliberative conversation with residents at the Farm are available.  

Time:  Rolling.  Groups serve throughout the year.  Groups can come for any combination of days, ranging from a one-day day-trip to a two-week overnight trip.

Summer (June to August) preference, but not requirement, is that groups come for one week – arrive on Sunday, depart on Saturday.  

Group Size: Day Trips: any size; Overnights: 30

Minimum Age: 12 years

Adult to Youth Ratio: 1:8

Cost:  $40 / night / pp (flexible; we will work with groups) plus a self-determined contribution towards construction supplies

Accommodations:  Groups will stay in a Mission House which has 24 twin beds, common space and shared bathrooms.  There is space on the floor for 6 additional persons. Meals are provided in the central Dining Hall and shared with residents.  Groups are welcome to participate in the preparation, serving and clean-up of meals.

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