Henderson Settlement (Frakes)


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   16773 Highway 190
   Frakes, KY 40940
On-Line Contact:
Phone: 606.337.3613 ext. 400
Fax: 606.337.2225
Web site:

Henderson Settlement engages in mission outreach with groups and community outreach in the areas of childcare, youth, food pantry, senior center, library, fellowship, support groups, new mother assistance, financial assistance, agriculture with animals, farmers market, greenhouses, classes, food preservation, local craft sales and sale of used clothing and furniture.

Project/Focus: Basic construction projects for community home repair and campus projects of maintenance on farm and facilities.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Opportunities provided for cultural, economic, and spiritual growth.

Time: Year-Round

Group Size: Up to 200 persons per week.

Minimum Age:  High School age

Adult to Youth Ratio: 1:5

Conditions: Dormitory with A/C.  Groups bring own bedding and linens.  Meals provided 3 times a day.

Cost:  September – May ($210 per person per week);  June – August ($230 per person per week). Cost covers room and board including meals, programming, and activities.

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 Appalachia Service Project, Inc. 


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Contact: Abraham McIntyre, Chief Volunteer Officer
   4523 Bristol Highway
   Johnson City, TN 37601

Phone:  423.854.4434
Fax: 423.854.9771
Web Site:

The Appalachia Service Project (ASP) repairs homes for the poorest families in Central Appalachia with the vision that substandard housing in Central Appalachia might be eradicated and everyone who comes into contact with this ministry will be transformed.

Project/Focus: ASP is a relational ministry that repairs homes for low-income families throughout Central Appalachia (Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virgina, and West Virginia).  The goal is to make homes warmer, safer and drier.

Locations: Opportunities are available in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia).  All locations are scheduled by ASP National Offices via above information.

Cost:  Cost per volunteer per week is $325 for the summer program.  Cost for the year-round program is $65 per person per day.

NOTE: All locations are scheduled by ASP National Offices via above information.

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H.O.M.E.S. (Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Service) (Whitesburg)


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:  Jackie Joseph
                65 Bentley Ave
                Whitesburg, KY 41858
Phone:  606-632-1717 ext. 301 *  Fax:  606.632.1974

H.O.M.E.S. engages in both major and minor home repair in Letcher, Knott, and Floyd Counties in southeastern Kentucky.

Project/Focus:  Build new owner-owned houses and do home repair.

Education/Advocacy Components:  Orientation by staff on Appalachian culture, economy and history.  Music program and square dance may be available.

Time:  Year-round except week of Thanksgiving and week of Christmas.

Group Size:  Maximum 50.  More can be accommodated on a case-by-case approval.   Groups are divided into work crews of seven to eight people.

Minimum Age:  None

Conditions:  Volunteers are housed at our Neon facility in newly remodeled bunkhouses, with a separate common kitchen and dinning hall.

Cost:  $250 per person, per week.  $62.50 per person due at registration confirmation.

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Urban Spirit (Louisville)


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     UCC Volunteer Ministries' Twin Maps Project visits Urban Spirit, Louisville, KY.  Other sites included in this video are: Camp Courageous, Monticello, IA; Rockford Work Camp, Rockford, IL and Back Bay Mission, Biloxi, MS

 Contact: Rev. Dr. Deborah DeMars Conrad
               P.O. Box 11434)
               Louisville, KY  40251
Phone:   502-550-1236
Web site: 

Urban Spirit is a community-based program through which participants experience the neighborhood while learning first-hand about poverty, justice and what faithful people can do to change the world.
“Changing the world by changing the way we see the world.”

Project/Focus:  Unlike other mission trips, at Urban Spirit the project is you.  In this community-based program, you'll work in the community but mostly you will experience life at the poverty line in America.  

  • For middle-schoolers, SoJust, a half-week social justice camp introduces themes of poverty,  power and holy imagination.
  • In the weeklong poverty simulation, for high school and older, participants won't just learn about poverty, they'll live it from Sunday evening until Saturday morning, working for minimum wage and struggling to care for a family.
  • For those who have completed the simulation, Level II Leadership goes beyond with lessons on lobbying, negotiating, community assessment, advocacy and other skills vital to becoming a powerful "social irritant."  Level III is an examination of privilege and power, for which students may be abel to arrange academic credit.

Program information is online.  Please review it carefully before deciding to register for any of these challenging events.

Educational/Advocacy Components:  Everything in this program is about education.  Participants will serve in the community, but more importantly, participation will be in activities designed to help teach the lessons of poverty.  Bartering, Bible studies, discussions, story-telling, community exploration, games, journaling, role plays all become learning tools for a power experience.

Time:  Check the website for current dates and costs.

Group Size:  Optimum group size:  12-30

Minimum Age:   Depends on program.  Programs are designed for middle school through adult; for special circumstances or family groups, call for conversation.

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:4 

Conditions:  All housing is on-site.  read the FAQ online for the program under consideration.

Cost: Fees are posted on the website, and include programming, lodging, food and transportation.  A non-refundable deposit of $75/person is required to confirm event.

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 Reach Beyond Mission (Lexington, Kentucky at Transylvania University) 


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 Contact: Mary Lu Johnston
  15907 Braesgate Drive
   Austin, TX 78717


Biblical.  Progressive.  Inclusive.  Reach Beyond Mission is a theologically progressive youth mission program that goes beyond traditional mission, combing service opportunities with thoughtful and intentional poverty education.

[Programs of Reach Beyond Mission are run in Austin, Dallas and Houston, TX and in Washington DC.]

Projects/Focus: Reach Beyond Mission  is a fully planned youth mission experience.  Youth join youth from other churches across the country to explore issues of culture, gender, and poverty in an urban setting.  Participants volunteer at numerous metropolitan area non-profits working with the homeless, low-income families, children, people with disabilities and the elderly.  Reach Beyond Mission  provides speakers, age-appropriate activities, and discussion starters to help young people explore the biblical, theological, economic, social, and political issues related to poverty. 

Educational/Advocacy Components: It is life-changing when youth are challenged to move beyond feeling warm and fuzzy about helping others and begin to explore how to spend a lifetime changing the system which causes poverty.  It is life-changing when youth begin to recognize that racism, sexism, and all the other "isms" are more than attitudes and that those "isms" have provoked real actions which have left many of God's children marginalized and disadvantaged.  It is life-changing when youth begin to understand that they have power to make an impact with their votes, through their career choices, and with how they spend their money.

Time & Location:  Lexington, Kentucky - Food Justice and Sustainability (Food Related Service Sites)
     June 26-July 1 (Sun-Fri) grades 6-12; $295.00
Group Size: Maximum 45 Participants per week.  Smaller groups will join others from different places and congregations.  

Minimum Age:  Varies by location and week.

Adult to Youth Ratio: 1:6

Accommodations: Food is provided.  Groups are housed in a dorm at Transylvania University. All females and males sleep in separate rooms, including married adult leaders.  Showers are available on-site or at a nearby location.  Participants provide their own transportation.  Program provides 3-4 trained young adults who will serve as hosts and program coordinators.

Cost: $295.00 per person per week.  Varies by week and location.



Contact Info

Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115