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I’d been trying to do this for several years you know, trying to get the right idea and suddenly, it came as a revelation, a real revelation!
-Dr. Charles Townes, UCC Nobel Laureate (Physics) and Templeton Award (Religion)

Encourage young Christians in science, medicine, and technology!
–Rev. Dr. Ronald Cole-Turner, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary


Listen to the UCC Interviews -Charles Townes

Townes and Cole-Turner. Photo courtesy of K. Lebacqz.

Laser and Light...with liturgical dance by Melissa Lopez in an educational program recognizing Townes' work leading to the development of the laser as the UCC turned 50 in Hartford this summer. The festivities explored faith, science, and technology in the broader life of the church and society.  The UCC is a longstanding ecumenical leader in the exploration of science and religion. Photo courtesy of K. Lebacqz.


Hartford, CT.  June 2007.  This summer the 5th Annual Townes Lecture and plenary recognition of Dr. Townes by the UCC leader, Rev. Joe Malayang, included engaging Templeton documentary clips about Charles Townes' life and work.  All these events were a part of an educational program of activities designed to renew and inspire the United Church of Christ in thoughtful reflection on science and faith.  Join us in thanking many friends who sponsored this work: InterFASE, the Boston Theological Institute, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, the Templeton Foundation, and Local Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ.  Special thanks are due Bob Chase and Cliff Aerie.

Worship Preparation: Ron Cole-Turner and Olivia Masih White

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