Changes and Deaths
File Pastoral Changes: August 2011

Ballou, Angela to Federated UCC, Cotuit, MA
Beall, Julia A. to Trinity UCC, Palmyra, PA
Bem, Kazimierz J. to First Church UCC, Marlborough, MA
Biggers, Joel W. to Community Church, Brookside, NJ
Braun, Lindsey to Immanuel UCC, Latimer, IA
Burnap, Carrie to Forest Street Union Church, Methuen, MA
Butz, David to Salem UCC, Decatur, IN
Carter, Diane M. to St. Paul’s UCC, Bellevue, OH
Charland, Kathryn to Sturbridge/Fiskdale (MA) UCC
Clark, Lisa H. to First Congregational, Bellevue, MA
Clements, Carol A. to St. John’s UCC, Bluffton, OH
Cooke, Judith M. to Higganum (CT) Congregational
Crews, Jeffrey J. to Spring Glen Church, Hamden, CT
Cubbage, Anne to First Church of Christ, Sandwich, MA
Dain, Kathleen to Community UCC, Ludington, MA
Easterday, Pamela to St. John’s UCC, Tiffin, Ohio
Frey, Kenneth H. to First Congregational, Port St. Lucie, FL
Galindo, Darren to UCC Judd Street, Honolulu, HI
Grobe, Lucas H. to First Congregational, Longmont, CO
Gutekunst, Robert to Forks UCC, Stockerton, PA
Hall, Martin to First Congregational, Fall River, MA
Halstead, Emilia to The Dover (MA) Church
Harris, Janet to Bethel UCC, Evansville, IN (interim)
Haskins, Robert F. to St. John’s UCC, Baseline, OH
Heath, Robert S. to Union Congregational, Holly Hill, FL 
Hubbell, Sarah C. to Union Evangelical UCC, Hopedale, MA
Jahn, Muriel to St. John’s UCC, Belvedere, IL
Johnk, Elissa C. to Old Meeting House, East Montpelier, VT
Karlson, Dawn to First Congregational, Southington, CT
Kent, James L. to Union UCC, Bascom, OH
Kilgore, Billy to Immanuel UCC, Highland, IN
Kurtz, Heather N. to Grace UCC, Northampton, PA
Laube, Dixie L. to Trinity UCC, La Crosse, WI
Littrell, Sharon to St. Paul’s UCC, Rio Rancho, NM
Longstreet, David to Trinity UCC, Bedford, PA
McLeod, Jeremy to St. Peter’s UCC, Chicago, IL
Meier, Dawn M. to Emmanuel UCC, New Berlin, PA
Metz, Darla J. to St. John’s UCC, Tiffin, OH
Milam, Philip to Congregational UCC, Whitewater, WI
Miller, Cheryl to Congregational UCC, North Stamford, CT
Muhs, Barbara to Salem Church, Lincoln, IA
Pulawski, Elizabeth to First Congregational, Wyandotte, MI
Rood, Jeremiah to Congregational, South Deerfield, MA
Ross-Jones, Daniel to First Congregational, Palo Alto, CA
Schulte, Joseph to First Congregational, Grand Blanc, MI
Sencabaugh, S. William to First Congregational, Shelburn, MA
Starr, Pamela to Immanuel Congregational, Dubuque, IA
Stroshine, Eric to First Congregational, Hanover, MA
Turner, Douglas to Immanuel UCC, Mount Vernon, IN
Walker, James L. to Community UCC, Covina, CA
Wild, David A. to Marion Oaks Community Congregational UCC, Ocala, FL
Wiltshire-Clement, Michelle to Congregational UCC, Falls Village, CT
Witte, Gary D. to Woodmont UCC, Milford, CT
Pastoral changes are provided by the UCC's Parish Life and Leadership Ministry.

File Clergy Deaths: August 2011

Artopoeus, Otto F., 90, 6/28/2011
Baker, Gordon J., 95, 7/2/2011
Buell, James M., 78, 6/27/2011
Coates, Kenneth A., 90, 7/17/2011
Creager, Don, 88, 6/24/2011
Dominguez, Louise F., 88, 7/2/2011
Duncombe, David C., 82, 6/11/2011
Evans, Glenn N., 65, 7/11/2011
Foster-Prevot, Iva May, 90, 8/1/2011
Gaskell, Benton S., 92, 7/15/2011
Harris, Richard E., 85, 8/19/2011
Hollingsworth, Frank R., 89, 6/7/2011
Johnson, H.C., 75, 6/7/2011
Kelsey, Franklin W., 86, 6/12/2011
Kline, Charles W., 77, 4/22/2011
Koehler, William F., 87, 6/28/2011
Lauenberg, John H., 74, 11/2/2005
Link, Ralph C., 82, 5/4/2011
McCrea, Kenneth T., 84, 5/6/2011
McDonough, George E., 87, 8/17/2011
Mehle, Ralph J., 90, 5/20/2011
Newbern, Frank R., 79, 5/6/2011
Potts, Harold C., 87, 5/30/2011
Pratt, Steven D., 68, 6/9/2011
Snyder, Walstein W., 88, 8/30/2011
Stanfield, Charles A., 61, 6/8/2011
Stewart, James A., 89, 3/30/2011
Stone, Samuel W., 83, 2/1/2011
Strathern Leslie G., 92, 5/21/2011
Strom, Robert C., 80, 5/12/2011
Westhaver, John D., 75, 5/31/2011
Whiston, Lionel A., 93, 7/5/2011
Wickkiser, Bruce D., 81, 5/5/2011 

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.


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