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File Pastoral Changes: December 2011

Abbott, Chad R. to St. Paul’s UCC, Alexandria, KY
Anderson, PamelaJune to St. Stephens UCC, Lansing, MI
Aurand, Charles H. to Int., St. Peter’s UCC, Geneva, IA
Baughcum, Marshall to Cong. UCC, Days Ferry, ME
Beall, Julia to Trinity UCC, Palmyra, PA
Borden, Carleton H. to Falkner Swamp Ref. UCC, Gilbertsville, PA
Brown, Duane to Sharon, VT
Bruner, Wendy to Zion UCC, South Bend, IN
Comstock, Allen to Jeffersonville, VT
Currie, Charles to Associate Director of Westar Institute
Daniel, Kenneth V. to United Church Homes, Marion, OH
Davidson, Jack to First Cong. UCC, Redding Center, CT
Dean-Ware, Deborah to Good Shepherd UCC, Ann Arbor, MI
Delmar, Chris M. to Cong. UCC, New Canaan, CT
Drefaul, Shaun to Bainbridge Comm. UCC, Chagrin Falls, OH
Gelsomini, Michael to W. Gloucester Trinitarian UCC, Gloucester, MA
Giesmann, Don J. to St. John’s UCC, Genoa, OH  
Haines, Franklin to St. John/Zion UCC, Center Point/Poland, IN
Halstead, Gary to First Cong. UCC, Berea, OH
Horn, Peter to New Horizon Parish, Lakota, ND
Horn, Rebecca to New Horizon Parish, Lakota, ND
Ill, Bruce H. to Saugatuck Cong. UCC, Westport, CT
Jensen, Richard to Int., UCC, Yankton, SD
Keller, Sue E. to Cong. UCC, Sparta, WI
Kimball, Jennifer to Northfield, VT
Klimstra, Susan to Salem UCC, Waukon, IA
Longstreet, David to Trinity Charge, New Bloomfield, PA
Lundi-Whittier, Amy to Christian Union UCC, West Groton, MA
Lundi-Whittier, Joshua to Christian Union UCC, West Groton, MA         
Mansfield, Jeffrey to First UCC, West Somerville, MA
Mark, Rob to Church of the Covenant UCC/PC(USA), Boston, MA
Meyer, William D. to Int., West Side UCC, Cleveland, OH
Oberle, Scott to First Cong. UCC, Downers Grove, IL
Ofner, Sara M. to Park Cong. UCC, Norwich, CT  
Partington, Neil D. to St. John’s UCC, Kenton, OH
Phelps, Haan to Bethel UCC, Beloit, OH
Phillips, Ann M. to Tidewell Hospice, Sarasota, FL
Powers, Vertie L. to Illinois Conf., Westchester, IL
Rosenberger, Dale to First Cong. UCC, Darien, CT
Royle, Jason E. to St. Paul’s UCC, Schaefferstown, PA
Rubdi, Sheila to First ICC, Marion, MA
Schacht, Sherry M. to First Cong. UCC, Romeo, MI
Schieber, Scott to Highwater Cong. UCC, Newark, OH
Sheneman, Rocky to St. John UCC, St. Charles, MO
Simpson-Rice, Sheresa to St. Paul’s UCC, East Berlin, PA
Swahnberg, Judith L. to Cong. UCC, Wellesley Hills, MA
Williams, Marcia to Blaine, WA
Zemencik, Curtis to Stone Valley Charge, PA

Pastoral changes are provided by the UCC's Parish Life and Leadership Ministry. 

File Clergy Deaths: December 2011

Banks, Carl C., 80, 11/21/2011
Bearden, Newton A., 9/23/2011
Douglas, Paul G., 88, 11/7/2011
Eberhard, George W., 10/22/2011
Fukuda, Minoru, 83, 9/3/2011
Hoelscher, Dwight A.
, 79, 11/9/2011
Hofsteter, Ruth, 11/28/2011
Jones, Ray C., 10/17/2011
Kelly, William D., 9/25/2011
Kneller, Richard E., 85, 9/17/2011
Knight, Charles L., 11/12/2011
Lennon, Tari, 10/20/2011
Ley, Raymond A., 10/20/2011
Martz, Sterling P., 91,  9/21/2011
Schmid, Calvin F., 86, 9/16/2011
Shelby, J. Samuel, 10/18/2011
Simmons-Smith, Neville N., 10/12/2011
Stepanek, Alma E., 83, 9/5/2011
Surkamp, Curtis J., 71, 9/10/2011
Tritchler, Gordon L., 11/15/2011
Walker, Samuel, 11/20/2011
Wentz, Richard E., 9/25/2011
Wichlei, Richard J., 12/3/2011

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.


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