Changes and Deaths
File Clergy Deaths January 2013

Edquist, Theodore C. 12/22/2012
Coddington, Donn M. 12/30/2012
Nagy, Frank 12/8/2012
Jonas, Johanna 10/7/2012
Haney, Morgan S. 12/8/2012
Edward, Dexter H. 11/24/2012
Richter, Robert F. 1/2/2013
Klinefelter, George H. 12/21/2012
Schatz, James M. 12/31/2012
Weil, Arthur C. 1/3/2013
Roemer, Henry B. 1/7/2013
Dickerson, Walter C. 1/4/2013
Hohmann, George W. 1/11/2013
Damewood, James L. 12/31/2012
Moore, Dwight W. 1/11/2013
Novak, Elmer 1/6/2012
Jones, Junia M. 1/15/2013
Leysath, Murdale C. 1/13/2013
Clausing, Vernon W. 1/14/2013
Cox, Edward D. 1/9/2013
Frey, Robert B. 1/12/2013
Bissett, John G. 1/5/2013
Johnson, Paul E. 1/14/2013
Tudor, Max A. 10/24/2012
Kendall, Gregory G. 1/16/2013
Webster, John P. 1/27/2013
Fernandez, Enrique 1/25/2013
Couch, Edward A. 1/19/2013
Jackson, James W. 1/8/2013
Schmidt, Gerhard W. 1/30/2013
Rueter, Ernest A. 1/31/2013

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.

File Pastoral Changes January 2013

BOWLES, David A., Fairfield, PA to Grace UCC, Lebanon, PA 12/3/12
BOYER, Martha H., Macungie, PA to St. Paul’s UCC, Shrewsbury, PA 1/16/13
DAWKINS-SMITH, Monica, Harrisburg, PA to Faith UCC, State College, PA 1/13/13
DOUGLAS, John F. to First Cong., Long Beach, CA  3/4/13
DUNKLE, Thomas to St. John’s UCC, Dover, OH 1/27/13
FISH, David W., Hartford, CT to First Cong., Rutland, MA 1/1/13
MCBRIDE, Deborah to Zion UCC, Henderson, KY 1/6/13
MYERS, Bret S. to St. Paul UCC, Elyria, OH 1/6/13
NICHOLS, John C., Madison, CT to St. Paul’s UCC, Manheim, PA 1/1/13
THOMPSON, Harold E. to Community, Miami Beach, FL 12/9/12
WILKINS, Robert  S., Barrington, IL to First UCC, Clay City, IN 1/15/13

Pastoral change information is provided by UCC Local Church Ministries.


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