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File Pastoral Changes August 2012

BARNOWE, Tracy to Int. Cong., Campbell, CA 8/22/12
BORDENKIRCHER, Barry to Suffield UCC, Mogadore, OH 10/1/12
BROOKSHIRE, Mary S. to Pioneer Ocean View UCC, San Diego, CA 9/1/12
CURRIE, Charles to Sunnyside/University Park UMC, Portland, OR 8/22/12
EILTS, Mitzi N., Essex, CT to Faith United, Springfield, MA 8/19/12
GRUHN, Brian A., Huron, SD to Second UCC, West Newton, MA 6/20/12
MARIN, Brenda K., Coral Gables, FL to Trinity UCC, Hanover, PA 8/5/12
MURRAY, Grace to Plymouth UCC, Fargo, ND 8/21/12
SHERROD, Betty S., Santa Barbara, CA to Christ UCC, Maplewood, MO 11/1/12
SOHL, Paula A. to First Cong. UCC, Ashland, OR 8/22/12
URECHE, Dennis, Shrewsbury, MO to St. Peter’s UCC, Inman, KS 8/29/12
WERNER, John to Paradise UCC, Canfield, OH 9/9/12
WESTBROOK, Stephen to St. John’s Evangelical UCC, St. Louis, MO 8/27/12


File Pastoral Changes July 2012

Pastoral Changes: July 2012

ALSPACH, Steven to FCC, Sharon, MA 8/14/12
BROACHE, Stephen W. to Trinity UCC, Gettysburg, PA 6/15/12
CASEBEER, Scott to St. Peter’s UCC, Apple Creek, OH 8/8/12
FELDMAN, Joseph to Cong. UCC, Fort Dodge, IA 7/15/12
KAKOS, Peter J. to First Cong., Hatfield, MA  7/25/12
HANKS, David to Rollstone Cong., Fitchburg, MA 6/27/12
HARMELING, Amanda to Cong., Topsfield, MA 8/1/12
HARTENSTEIN, Marybeth to Hope, Hiawatha, IA 7/2/12
LOCKHART, Harvey to Church of Open Door Cong., Miami, FL 7/22/12
PRITCHARD, Meighan to Int., Prospect Cong. UCC, Seattle, WA 6/22/12
SIGMUND, David to Seaside Community UCC, Torrance, CA 10/1/12
STERNBERG, Kristen to Church of the Foothills, Ventura, CA 7/18/12
THOMPSON, Harold E. to Community, Miami Beach, FL 9/1/12
WALDEN, Elizabeth to Central Square, Bridgewater, MA 8/1/12
WORTHINGTON-BERRY, Cynthia, A to UCC, Boxborough, MA 9/23/12


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